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You have been working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week or even more, doing task given to you and able to manage all with no hesitation according to your company’s job description. This may sounds fruitful to the company you have been working with however, are you even wondering if those efforts are well paid off?

Bonuses, company benefits, heath coverage, insurance are perks provided by the company(most but not all). Private company or even households are obliged to register all employees under Social Security System(SSS) coverage to ensure social protection, health and government benefits to all income earners or workers in the Philippines as mandated by the Government and it’s a must that you have also to know and track all records of your contribution.

I have created this blog for you to ensure and check or monitor if your company has submitted monthly remittances to SSS. I have added screen shots for detailed instructions.

1. Log in to as a MEMBER. If not a member yet, please follow this link to register.

2. Hover the mouse over to E-Services and Click Inquiry.

3. Next, after clicking Inquiry, some browser might load the page right-away some won’t. If in case it does not load the page up, please disable SECURE CONNECTION and it reloads the page automatically, otherwise please proceed to number 4.

4.  Click “Member Info” then “Actual Premiums”, wait until summary of paid contributions displayed on the screen.

5. Here you go!. Your “Contributions – Actual Premiums” . Contributions depend on how long you have been working since from the  beginning of your employment.

So easy, right?. That’s pretty much it.  I have checked mine, check yours NOW!…

Note: SSS has a BETA version of the new MEMBER login portal, release and its permanent usage depends on SSS.

Disclaimer:, the author or any material used on this blog/content do not associate or have a partnership with SSS.  For concerns, clarifications and questions, please contact the nearest SSS branch at your local place.

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