Vivo Y53 Change Lock Screen Settings

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It’s been a while since I own Vivo Y53 and came across to a point on how to change screen lock settings. Like any other mobile device, Vivo Y53 has defaulted the security lock settings to set a “Passcode”. It took me almost a month(noob) to figure out how to enable the option to select-change from-to Passcode, Pin, Password and Pattern.

Here, I will show you how to switch lock settings.

1. Tap Settings Icon, usually it is located in the mobile device’s APP Drawer.

2. Go down to Settings Menu>Look for “Security”.

3. Select the option “Enable the lock screen password”.

4. Tap “Password Options” to enable under menu.

5. Select “Pattern”.

6. Finally, set mobile device’s desired Pattern Lock and save.

The instructions are simple for many but a great help for some.

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